As a contract manufacturer, VT Mechatronics Kft. assembles high complexity equipment for semiconductor industry, manufactures high precision machined parts for energy and railway industry.

Our aim is to meet customer expectations provided by the quality of our products and services.

The management team is committed in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standard principle to:

Customer-oriented organization

Our goal is to meet customer expectations in full, and fulfill their needs within the limits of legislation and rationality. Our products are manufactured as required by the customer, and using state of the art solutions.

Management attitude

Managers of all levels are expected to have quality and results-oriented way of thinking and leading by example.

Employees contribute to the success

Every employee is responsible for his or her own quality performance in the business process.

We regularly measure the performance of our internal processes, the learning and professional growth of our employees, and we use and develop our experiences and knowledge in order to meet customer expectations.

Process oriented skills, continual improvement

All of our important processes are identified and controlled, handled as a complete system. In order to achieve our goals and improve products quality the processes are continually revised and optimized.

Evidence-based decision making

Our colleagues systematically and continuously measure, review our processes, and take action to improve our quality performance.

Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

Together with our suppliers we strive to meet customer expectations. Strategic suppliers are determined and evaluated regularly in order to control the quality of the finished product.


VT Mechatronics Kft. intends to achieve a good professional reputation, honor and business results provided by the quality of his products and services.


Győr, 2017-01-06


 iso9001 2015

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